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  1. first lady
  2. zzzzz
  3. Manslaughter or not?
  4. Tony Blair resigns!
  5. Drug trials who's to blame?
  6. Voyager is very very far away
  7. henry kissinger advocated population cul
  8. Killer dog,owners keeping its brother
  9. Harry's Lap Club outing
  10. Creationism v's Evolution
  11. Rise of the BNP?
  12. guilty until proven otherwise
  13. i dont belieeeve it
  14. chip & pin scam
  15. icecream vans may be banned...channel 5 news.
  16. It's a bloody joke!
  17. 5 illegail immigrants working in immigration office
  18. council workers to be used as spies
  19. uk night club tries biometric for entrance into the club
  20. Link To A Good Site
  21. NHS funding Quack Doctors!
  22. Government To Force People To Reveal Encryption Keys
  23. verichip looking at rfid chipping immigrants
  24. Divorce settlement
  25. USA moves towards national dna dbase
  26. Brian Haw deserves a medal
  27. 1000 Brit Troops AWOL
  28. urinals to check your alcohol levels...what a laugh
  29. tories propose new traffic congestion ideas
  30. bilderberg group meets in canada
  31. Defra
  32. So what?
  33. property energy efficiency report
  34. Ben bellamy
  35. Should we be given full details of all peadophiles?
  36. A cure for migraine...says daily mail
  37. Is there only me?
  38. Come on Guests!!!!
  39. Reckless with HIV
  40. Cadbury recall
  41. Its gone
  42. Queen throws party for children
  43. big brother icon on " virtual global taskforce" website
  44. wife's back home get death threats from iraq
  45. mobile phones cook an egg after an hour
  46. MAN UNITED looks at chip implants for its players
  47. kids now fitted with rfid
  48. 62 Year old mother?
  49. TESCO & RFid
  50. Males redundant semen factory
  51. idcards to be possibly axed
  52. Nuclear energy?
  53. The rise of funeral pyres
  54. Why is it ?
  55. Essex councils to switch off street light to save energy
  56. mp's quizzed over fraud allogations
  57. Honour Killing
  58. Drink drive loopholes??
  59. Racism what do we think?
  60. Quilt covers
  61. Recycling puts up costs
  62. Stephen Lawrence....Justice?
  63. Numbers for push bikes?
  64. Verichip chip implants hacked by hackers
  65. war with Iran is imminent says reliable UK sources
  66. Usa to issue rfid passports
  67. doctor in USA gets chip implant
  68. Casualties Iraq
  69. Institutional racism ?
  70. Forest Gate terror suspect Mohammed Abdul Kahar
  71. Binge drinking
  72. Foriegn Minister sacked from Washington?
  73. council tax rises to pay for illegal immigrants
  74. speed limits on A and B roads to be dropped
  75. burglar with 420+ convictions gets bail
  76. Another breach of security at AOL
  77. My flabbers never been so ghasted.
  78. yet another crisis
  79. girl commits sewerage pipe adter banned from watching big brother
  80. mp says inbreeding causes diabetes
  81. Passenger Profiling
  82. Pardoned 90 years later?
  83. Black box cuts Teen Insurance premiums
  84. "virgin mary" sightings
  85. do gooders at it again
  86. Aircraft mutiny
  87. £75 fine for flicking fag ash
  88. Cricket mayhem
  89. security experts killed mysteriously
  90. flash of wit
  91. Four year old battered
  92. Speeding Traffic cop
  93. bins to be cip and pinned
  94. Biker Attacks Police Women
  95. Our newest member
  96. John Hogan tragedy
  97. Steve Irwin
  98. Campaign against bugsy aka HE.
  99. Blind driver banned
  100. 19 year old Magistrate ?
  101. 4 Years for banned driver
  102. City Bonuses
  103. A third of drivers illegal ?
  104. Toxic childhood
  105. Penis transplant ....
  106. Coma miracle pill ?
  107. gp,s get away with manslaughter/murder and ...
  108. Talking Cameras
  109. smacking...... tonight on telly
  110. Torture in Iraq
  111. Pentonville prison
  112. traffic wardens/painters take the piss
  113. your views please.
  114. Thursdays
  115. Jack Straw and the Muslim Veil debate!
  116. Straw's request to Muslims
  117. Suicide Of Girl Animal Lover, 17
  118. Arm Our Teachers
  119. Police launch murder appeal on Youtube
  120. Chavs on the terrorist suspect list
  121. biometrics in schools again
  122. Sky Broadband
  123. No cure for new TB strain
  124. Heart warming
  125. Muslim Veil debate
  126. teenagers and chip implants
  127. schoolgirl accused of racism
  128. 15 year old murderer
  129. Madonna....are you sure ?
  130. change lanes to avoid speed cameras
  131. Internet Rage
  132. ihrc
  133. council snoopers to clamp down on home improvements
  134. Macca and Hoppity divorce
  135. Local workers foced out as europeans take over
  136. married woman jailed for cry rape
  137. Dewsbury is turning into an enclave for Muslims
  138. Saddam's death sentence
  139. Pay as you drive is coming?
  140. 4 yr old to get anti-depressant meds
  141. Life for gang members who killed teenager just for being white
  142. Druggies handout's for 'cold turkey'
  143. another one
  144. strange times
  145. all three? racist, sexist, & anti islamic?
  146. 70 yr old grannies snatch wallet
  147. named and shamed wanted sex offenders
  148. its all coming out....
  149. shredding your private docs and recycling is a NO NO
  150. White boys: worst at school now.
  151. Darfur.....?
  152. British Exodous
  153. Drunken Bum...no Bishop
  154. Christmas card CRE
  155. Marriage and Tax breaks
  156. Hunting Banned ?
  157. Legal age to buy cigarettes raised
  158. A "Cure" for gayness ?
  159. Granny banned from Asda
  160. Brown being clever already ?
  161. Bristol Airport whats happening...
  162. Ruth Kelly's son
  163. IVF for jailed murderer ?
  164. Golden Balls or what ?
  165. Back to basics ?
  166. Hammer Attack Horror
  167. Tube train kills chavs
  168. NHS asks staff to work for 1 free day to help em out the shit
  169. petition......Please follow link and sign
  170. A&E call in before pitching up
  171. Muslim quack advises muslims not to have their kids immunized
  172. Beheading threat ?
  173. Another bird flu outbreak his home sweet home
  174. NOT about Bird Flu
  175. UNICEF: UK & US worst place for children
  176. You Just Cannot Win
  177. America funding terrorism
  178. Fat Kids
  179. Bad Petrol ?
  180. any accident will prompt mobile phone record check
  181. councils plan to force pensioner to sign over their homes
  182. Say no to 0870 numbers
  183. Fat people to get cash incentive
  184. Guns in schools
  185. Dog death
  186. What do you do to a top ranking state school?
  187. Minister warns of inbreeding risk for Muslims
  188. British Gas Profits over half a Billion
  189. Earthquake
  190. Prince Harry fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan
  191. Prime Minister Obama
  192. Green paper on welfare turns back the clock.
  193. State funeral for Thatcher.
  194. The police are still bastards.
  195. Now women are turning nasty.
  196. Karen Matthews & Michael Donovan guilty
  197. Jade Goody Vs Gail Trimble
  198. "Disabled presenters shouldn't present Children's T.V"
  199. Joes ideas about the booze plan
  200. do we need more public toilets in london ?
  201. sri lanken post master debate < right or wrong
  202. mr. bakri on the express < 100% correct in whats hes saying
  203. holloway shooting
  204. why should the uk provide houseing and benefits for ex-solders?
  205. Joe plan to save sir fred goodwin (not for the faint hearted)
  206. should the clocks change maybe politics needs a new debate?
  207. Joe is thinking about G20 ohhhhh nooooo
  208. will anyone vote for the Joe and get rid of labour?
  209. Sainburys In Camden Town Got Robbed <
  210. should we ban ACTION MAN
  211. 12 Arrested on terror charges - Bob Quick Blunder
  212. bob quick should not loose his job because
  213. Police
  214. ephebi-phobic < what is that < they said it on the wrightstuff?
  215. So much for serious threat
  216. Happy St. George's day - If you noticed
  217. MPs' expenses: Gordon Brown apologises 'on behalf of all parties'
  218. Briton' killed in balloon crash
  219. Anti Fascist group a disgrace - Nick Griffin Egged
  220. London's children the most deprived in the UK
  221. U.S. Marine, two British soldiers killed in Afghanistan
  222. 30,000 involved in organised crime in the UK
  223. What's your opinion about online news comments?
  224. World will warm faster than predicted in next five years, study warns
  225. We must fight on, says Brown, as Afghanistan deaths pass 200 mark
  226. Brown hints at Afghan troop rise
  227. Brown offers to cut Trident nuclear submarines by a quarter
  228. The things Mr Brown did not say about Afghanistan
  229. Outrageous Chidcare situation
  230. Criminal Immigrants & liar bliar
  231. Poor Whites do worst
  232. Did anyone notice St Andrew's Day
  233. Islam4UK to protest in Wotton Bassett
  234. The Best of British(torture)
  235. Israr Yousaf and Aftab Nazir finger crossed for Social Media challenges in Pakistan!
  236. British terrorists carry out an act of terror
  237. Tv Licence £142.50 !!!
  238. soliders that killed baha mousa pictures reveled
  239. Paedophile's in Britain
  240. The Suicide Club
  241. UK unveils action plan for development of marine energy
  242. Pharmacists can still refuse drugs on religious grounds
  243. Any interesting news ?
  244. Olympic mascots.
  245. Methodrone and Labour's knee jerk reaction
  246. Blow up a tank of British forces in Sngen
  247. The destruction of two tanks of Englishmen in Gereshk, killing and injuring more than
  248. Cumbria gunman
  249. Time’s a great healer
  250. Zero grazing coming to the UK.