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  2. British Apartheid
  3. BNP for me
  4. Day I Fought The Fascists
  5. Interesting times
  6. To claify my postion
  7. PC Brigade - Friend of Foe?
  8. Why are racists homophobic too?
  9. Racist British Media
  10. The hidden white victims of racism
  11. 100% English? Put channel 4 on NOW!
  12. In 250 Million Years it won't matter anyway.
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  14. Well done Will
  15. Can you explain
  16. German Anti Nazi Video
  17. Why ?
  18. They still love us!
  19. Dispatches - Undercover Mosque
  20. Racism on Big Brother?
  21. catholic church threatens to close its adoption agencies over equality law
  22. Come on down johnyboy!
  23. What is Britishness ?
  24. Evangelicals against Evolution
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  26. Take your pick
  27. Racist Tory: Patrick Mercer
  28. Incompatible cultures, traditions and religious traits
  29. The God Delusion
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  32. THE FOUR HORSEMEN - Discussions with Richard Dawkins
  33. Is Richard Dawkins a closet scientologist
  34. Is this a bad thing?
  35. Religion destroys art.
  36. Sue your school for discrimination over religious jewellery
  37. Should it be illegal to cause religious offence?
  38. How would you define 'Religion'?
  39. The Gitmo Guard Who Found Islam
  40. What is EVIL?
  41. Hooray - Festive lights are going up in Hackney
  42. Indigenous population of Europe is dying out
  43. White Hating, Establishment Racists.
  44. Happy Pancake day and I wish you a good Lent
  45. Caradocs Anti Jew thread
  46. Catholosism not compatible with the UK ideals
  47. Evidense the Murphy Tribunal and report is a cover up for a cover up!
  48. What's the Difference?
  49. A look at the EDL - English defence league
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  57. Religion: a right or a privilege
  58. Muslims protest 'age of mockery' as thousands descend on Google HQ
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  60. Operation Black Vote
  61. Could Catholism be about to leave the middle ages?
  62. Are Christians marginalised in the UK?
  63. A quiverfull of intolerance
  64. Fox News' attempt to attack a religious academic; with predictable results.
  65. Sto the world I want to get off!
  66. Nicked for name-calling
  67. The scale of the universe
  68. Cornish recognised as national minority group for the first time