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  1. google still spying on us!
  2. Big Brother To Record All Chit Chat In Aircraft
  3. biometrics arrives in the classroom
  4. 1984 - How close are we?
  5. mobile phones & big brother
  6. disneyland goes biometric
  7. iar passengers to be tagged
  8. forced chip implants within a decade
  9. more snooping via new cencus
  10. GUY FAWKES night now renamed as bengali night in london
  11. Where to start?
  12. Positve discrimination.
  13. The final straw.......
  14. A way to end the compensation culture
  15. Teach children about winning and losing
  16. ID Cards
  17. Parents force U-Turn on Halal Christmas Dinner
  18. police officers to use head mounted cams
  19. finerprinting on the roadside is here............big brother strikes again
  20. big brother watches council tips
  21. big brother wants family dna samples as well
  22. big brother fingerprinting at airports
  23. Big Brother listens in...
  24. big brother reading your documents in bin bags
  25. cctv cams to record aggressive speech tones on the street
  26. nike trainers + ipod = big brother watching you
  27. what can full body scanners see
  28. FBI can now update mobile phone software to activate its microphone
  29. you gov poll on idcard scheme
  30. carrying a cricket ball is now illegal
  31. newly released 911 footage shows blast, but no plane at pentagon
  32. Tony says everyone must love the eu
  33. the jones report on big brother
  34. universities ban christian unions for their stance on homosexuality
  35. tears for fears are right..its a mad world
  36. christmas cards now pc
  37. No Santa in Church ?
  38. big brother now wants dna from babies and the dead
  39. new world order government leaders dabble in the occult
  40. 7/7 london bus diverted just prior to bomb blast
  41. 1,000,000 + innocent people on dna dBase
  42. How to opt out for big brother medical dBase
  43. No id card.....No pension
  44. wild berry picking is a criminal offence
  45. USA customs snooping on credit card details et al
  46. cheesy tv adverts to be banned
  47. big brother sugars surveillance
  48. flawed chip & pin macines.....
  49. Ballerina BNP so what ?
  50. cow and human emmissions
  51. want a mortgage? we require your fingerprints
  52. Our Freedoms
  53. Big Brother's dBase
  54. USA to use drones in remote parts of the country
  55. Some of the databases in our beloved country
  56. website to check your inflation rate?
  57. Brian Haw Arrested?
  58. BROWN covers up his bilderberg/grove connections
  59. mentally ill to be tagged
  60. US bloggers to face clampdowm on freedom of speech
  61. British society is dripping...............
  62. John Reid to split home office in half
  63. cctv camera's hidden in fire engines.
  64. Muslim wpc refuses to shake hands on religious grounds
  65. parents have no say over childs school fingerptinting
  66. NSA works with microsoft on vista windows
  67. NSA works with microsoft on vista windows
  68. Brian Haw Arrested ?
  69. ex MI5 David Shayler in Liverpool echo newspaper
  70. most UK population are willing to give up civil liberties
  71. SeanBryson.com
  72. traffic officers and helmutless thieves
  73. BNP obtain top secret tenancy document for asylum seekers
  74. nwo wanting to flex its muscles a bit more
  75. Big Brother To Use Xray Cctv Cameras
  76. X Ray machines to be fitted in every street corner
  77. kiddy fingerprinting not on debate agenda
  78. The rise of the new world order - the origins
  79. eu proposes new law against denial of genocides
  80. NHS bans easter
  81. global "terrorist" incidences ...live map updates
  82. Henry Kissinger's food genocide plan
  83. USA about to begin huge DNA data sweep
  84. another letter bomb!
  85. another good information website
  86. olympic games a prelude to excessive DNA testing
  87. Armed USA police to patrol our streets
  88. sack racing banned
  89. biometric passport chips only guarenteed for 2 years
  90. a 3rd bomb at dvla
  91. surveillance/speed cameras to be mounted as cats eyes
  92. big brother marches into toilets
  93. Big Brother 's march continues on via though crime detection
  94. what we dont know about the road tax bill
  95. Smoking Police
  96. incriminating evidence
  97. UK DNA and other dBases merge with europe
  98. 911 fresh doubts
  99. The interrogation for biometric passports begins april
  100. tax on peace and quiet!
  101. Road tax enforcers
  102. south africa going biometric idcards + passport
  103. sub miniature rfid chip raise new concerns
  104. Feminazism
  105. Save your right to take Photographs!
  106. 911 wtc7 building collapse fiasco just revealed
  107. BBC has lost the 911 tapes...supposedly
  108. lib dems on child fingerprinting
  109. France bans citizen journalists from reporting violence
  110. the tools of a terrorist
  111. The end is nigh
  112. id card data to be sold on
  113. Speed Cameras: Good or Bad?
  114. rfid chip inserted into diabetics
  115. postal tracking coming soon!
  116. DNA dbase expands by 600,000
  117. 250,000 wheelie bin spies
  118. us police stoop to new highs in dna collection
  119. Councils new litter spy cams
  120. usa now wants all 10 fingers scanned on entry
  121. £1000,00 fine for not updating records
  122. bbc bans staff from changing lightbulbs
  123. UK must apologise for slave trade
  124. The things scifi is made of
  125. The Lunch POLICE!
  126. England's Flag - The cross of St. George
  127. I don't like sport so I'm not PC!
  128. Why you should say no to ID cards
  129. Councils to ban Latin
  130. DNA database 'breach of rights'
  131. Politicians and Human Rights Advocates are Warning us– Britain a Surveillance Society
  132. Have you been filmed on the toilet?
  133. 10,000 cases of council spying
  134. Free nursery place?
  135. EU Spying policy comes into effect
  136. Council Snooping curbed
  137. Censorship of news in the public interest?
  138. Who's against ID Cards?
  139. Channel4 Gov Ad Wonder Walking Woman
  140. Internet Censorship take a step forward in the UK
  141. Twitter user fined for tweeting joke airport bomb threat
  142. Speaking of Por - Censorship
  143. Oxford cabs to spy on public
  144. Camden Council install threat robot
  145. New Government spying plans
  146. Giant Global Hawk Unmanned Drone Crashes In Maryland
  147. BBC Oppression
  148. Club "policy".
  149. Cameron to Censor the internet
  150. Cameron to FURTHER Censor FORUMS!!!
  151. David Cameron Upholds Spying