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  1. UK best place to be a criminal
  2. Gun crime
  3. Asbos don't work
  4. Brothels
  5. Prisoners getting the vote?
  6. Child abductors
  7. Crime Law & Order section
  8. Capital Punishment
  9. 12 Months for defending his home
  10. Prisons - What to do?
  11. Have a go or not ?
  12. Anti Chav device
  13. Reverse Graffiti
  14. Nothing to hide, then nothing to fear!
  15. 8 months for Hoax
  16. Police beating drunk women.
  17. Law Breaking Police
  18. Free women from prison
  19. Alcohol worse than ecstasy
  20. Police in protest rally over pay
  21. 7 Billion lost
  22. Alcoholic Britain
  23. Euthanasia
  24. Gun law review
  25. Wheely scary police
  26. Legalise Cannabis
  27. Chain gangs and public humiliation
  28. Britain's Booze Culture
  29. Child pornography: should it be illegal to draw pictures of naked children?
  30. Thieves to be let off?
  31. The Merideth Kercher murder
  32. Prisoners get the vote!
  33. G20 officer comes forward
  34. MI5 get chief science officer
  35. Bomb found in Doncaster but who cares?
  36. Should Funeral pyres be allowed in the UK?
  37. Gang rapists are all black
  38. Your views on violent crime?
  39. Blacks, usefulness?
  40. How to deal with nutters who are educated and articulate.
  41. Bring back the Death Sentence
  42. James Bulger's Killer Back In Prison
  43. When Methadrone is banned
  44. My daughter was murdered in Scotland - please sign the E-petition!
  45. Change prostitution laws?
  46. Uk on a kamakazi route
  47. Schoolboy Arrested Over Petrol Bomb
  48. Sound Off For Justice - Against the proposed cuts to Legal Aid
  49. Ian Tomlinson: Final Justice?
  50. How many chanced does one person deserve?
  51. Is it fun or is it fair
  52. Lizzie off to Ireland
  53. Justice for Stephen—maybe?
  54. Solicitors costs.
  55. MI6 Lost oppurtunity
  56. PM backs down over half sentence
  57. Stillbirth vs. Murder
  58. Corporal Punishment or Human Rights Violation?
  59. Same old Story
  60. Introduce Zero-tolerance policing to the cities of London, Birmingham, and Manchester
  61. Appropriate setencing or harsh rights violations?
  62. Entertainment licence to be scrapped!
  63. £20,000 for one week in prison
  64. Another Fine Met
  65. Labour wants to decide who can report the news
  66. Stop Me and Search Me
  67. US Judge and the Art of Child Development
  68. Turmoil at home.
  69. Immoral Upstanding Force
  70. Can common sense finally win over drug laws?
  71. Murder or Manslaughter?
  72. Mark Duggan: Who Cares?
  73. Evidential Police Racism
  74. Knife Crime
  75. "Softly Softly" yet again?
  76. White Hating Racist Judges.
  77. Are they
  78. An end to circumcision?
  79. The Scales of Justice?
  80. Here we go again
  81. Could you forgive?
  82. Paul Chambers Conviction overturned
  83. Slave Labour hits the UK shores
  84. Police privatisation continues apace
  85. An eye for an eye ?
  86. Cardiff Hit-and-Run Driver - Why no name?
  87. Deaths in police custody-what to do?
  88. Anti-Muslim Vigilantes
  89. Any guesses?
  90. Vicky Pryce guilty
  91. Short Dissertation survey- RESTORATIVE JUSTICE
  92. Dangerous Dogs
  93. Time for Justice
  94. Bombers jailled
  95. The police and the politics of skin colour
  96. Police Stop and Searches Lawful or unjustified
  97. Why I love America
  98. does anyone trust the police?
  99. The idiotic war on drugs!
  100. Sad times
  101. Swedish Prison Paradigm
  102. Life Should Mean 100 Years
  103. The Defence of Affluenza
  104. Muslim gang barred from gathering in large groups and burning flags
  105. Help prevent knife crime. There’s no point in the point.