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  1. 97% of All Money is Created out of THIN AIR as Loans by the Private Banks
  2. Credit Unions
  3. Interest rates slahed to 3% - Savers screwed
  4. Interest rates slashed again to 2%
  5. If you could decide, what tax rate percentage would you choose?
  6. Discriminating against women of child-bearing age
  7. Government worsening the economy
  8. So One Trillion dollars to fight global crisis
  9. Budget 2009
  10. Abolish the Minimum Wage
  11. The US dollar the main US political tool.
  12. No recovery yet
  13. Sack those on strike
  14. UK Unemployment Falls Further
  15. UK government amends regulations to cut emissions and bills
  16. Carbon capture storage will 'generate 100,000 jobs and 6.5bn a year'
  17. Child Trust funds scrapped
  18. Government manipulation of the money supply
  19. Anyone understand the economy?
  20. Kingston Communications: A Monopoly?
  21. How the UK economy will grow significantly by 2020 - Is this right?
  22. Price-list invariant in credit and finance system
  23. How does domestic economy and international trade affect strength of the economy?
  24. Banker Bashing - Is it time we stopped?
  25. Time for a reality check.
  26. Manufacturing Going, Going...
  27. Let's Hear it for the Bankers!
  28. Is it time we got out of Europe completely?
  29. Foreign Aid
  30. The Dominique Kahn Affair
  31. Is this the reason,
  32. Pensions and Share Prices
  33. Financial crisis in Greece
  34. How not to save money
  35. Booming Unemployment
  36. Quantitative Easing: The Final Solution?
  37. Worsening European Debt Crisis. And Now the Weather.
  38. The Boy George tells it
  39. Uk eu fu
  40. Just another question mark.
  41. Red Water
  42. The peanut problem.
  43. Government Flagship Unemployment Scheme Sinking
  44. No new posts here!?!
  45. P&Overty
  46. Lions and Donkeys
  47. It Takes Balls
  48. Criminality or Fair Trading?
  49. Did we miss something
  50. Taxation = Theft
  51. Australian Federal Senate Inquiry finds missing HBOS taxpayer bailout billions
  52. Organised .
  53. Rolls Royce or Google: a HMRC dilemma
  54. Lonesome George shows true colours
  55. The New Order
  56. Cash at Bank held by UK companies 2008 - 2012
  57. Marketing Exploitation
  58. London is Booming
  59. Get a job! Fill in an online form
  60. The U.S. going upod in economy
  61. Economic trade with U.S. then UK ??