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  1. John and Edward at G-A-Y
  2. Matt Smith to play gay writer
  3. UK conspiracy theorists growing in numbers
  4. What is Big Society again?
  5. Sir Simon Cowell ?
  6. Should you be able to choose your child's Sex?
  7. Fat tax!
  8. The United States Meets Europe, 3rd 9th January 2011
  9. Do some people deserve to die?
  10. What Old School Philosopher do you think is most apt to modern day UK society?
  11. IDEAS to SHARE
  12. Immigrants turned London into the 'tuberculosis capital of Europe'
  13. Elton John - Bringing Up Baby ?
  14. Kate Ford to appear at G-A-Y
  15. How do you think UK society will evolve in the next ten years?
  16. Head Teachers to get new Search Powers
  17. How would society in the UK change without alcohol?
  18. Up the junction,
  19. Council House Waiting Lists
  20. Teach me Patriotism
  21. Do we need more censorship?
  22. The Olympics
  23. Hows your town centre?
  24. Take this political spectrum test!
  25. Let the train take the strain?
  26. Should prisoners have the vote?
  27. Where would you rather be?
  28. What should be the UK's long term goal?
  29. Why Racists disgust me
  30. Muslamic Ray Guns
  31. Broken Britain - 20 years on
  32. How important is marriage?
  33. The Materialism Trap
  34. Jamie Oliver's Ego Consumes Small Village in Sudan
  35. You're getting on a bit, Time to downsize!
  36. Sack the Lazy say our Government! Hurrah for Commons Sense!
  37. Move right down the bus please
  38. Racist Tram women
  39. Breast implants
  40. Online Nation
  41. Faith in the Scouts
  42. Time to ban this cruel practise
  43. Threatening Gay Marriage
  44. My culture where is the border line???
  45. Yasmin
  46. White Girl
  47. Lesbian Schoolgirl Drama
  48. EDL what's your opinion??
  49. My wedding
  50. Historian Eric Hobsbawm Dies
  51. www.thescienceinchrist.blogspot.co.uk
  52. Save this beauty
  53. White Flight
  54. Is a life without banks possible?
  55. Why we need to teach science in school
  56. BBC News Web Site Comment Priorities
  57. Litter in our society
  58. Please Take This Survey!
  59. Make Cold Callers Pay
  60. Ban all adverts for children?
  61. All hail the Time Lord
  62. Brian Mcculloch Sustainable Housing Project for Aberdeen Society
  63. Spam on forum