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  1. Israel Lebanon
  2. China Tibet railway
  3. Afganistan...another hell hole
  4. usa moves another step closer to war with Iran
  5. N. Korea
  6. north korea threatens nuclear strike
  7. texas residents used by us government to monitor borders
  8. usa about to strike at north korea?
  9. hong kong pushes to stop fingerprinting at school
  10. Us strikes Al Qaiada in Somalia
  11. More botched executions in Iraq
  12. Was 9/11 really that bad?
  13. Nuclear Attack on Iran
  14. zimbabwe inflation passes 1000%
  15. Is the cold war returning?
  16. Israel seeks overfly permission
  17. Iran's Nuclear rights
  18. Is Might Right?
  19. Osama turns 50
  20. Justice in Afghanistan
  21. President Obama?
  22. North Korea and the American Philharmonic Orchestra
  23. What is all this free Tibet crap...
  24. Cold War II - Russia, Georgia, America, etc.
  25. US Presidential Election 2008: OBAMA v MCCAIN
  26. Torturing Democracy
  27. Guantanamo bay "loooot of fun" according to Miss Universe
  28. Taliban in Pakistan a serious threat. America Worried
  29. Swine Flu pandemic
  30. China confirms first swine flu case
  31. Swine Flu: How the H1N1 Virus started
  32. Obama to delay Gitmo’s closure
  33. Russia breaks ‘wall’ into US nuclear market
  34. Most Americans against closing Guantanamo
  35. Obama’s popularity goes down
  36. N Korea reiterates will not return to six-party talks
  37. 46 journalists reported killed in 2009
  38. US complains to Israel on Palestinian-American entry rules
  39. Israel says UN covering up Iran's nuclear arms drive
  40. US Senator Kennedy dies
  41. US content over Pakistan's nuclear security: Gates
  42. Obama to usher in new age of co-operation with UN
  43. African & Asian deportation now
  44. The EU should stop this shameful relationship with Belarus
  45. Cooperation with Iran…
  46. Auschwitz Deathcamp sign stolen
  47. Did you hear something about a new American thinking towards our joint struggle again
  48. Does Europe have some two dozen billion dollars to spare?
  49. China executes "Briton".
  50. Know about offshore oil platforms
  51. I have only one question…
  52. Iran and her "nukes"
  53. Al-Qaida and Taliban members from CIA secret prisons found in Georgian Pankissi!
  54. Ukraine’s Timoshenko submits election appeal to court
  55. Recent statement of our US allies
  56. Terrorists sent new message – no one of us is actually protected!
  57. African murderers worldwide
  58. another shocking presidential plane crash
  59. War in Korea?
  60. Israel's Raid on supply ships
  61. while the country is ruled by Asian style dictator Lukashenko or ...
  62. Greenland is swimming in USA direction
  63. Uzbek spider conquers Central Asia
  64. Yankee see rest of world as sort of servicing staff for Big Boss...
  65. Per Anger Prize winner was attacked with assassins
  66. Byelorussia and the EU, is the marriage possible?
  67. Know about hydrogen fuelled taxis
  68. who have shelved Romania entrance into the Schengen zone.
  69. Remove your hands from Greenland!
  70. Illegal expropriation in Internet
  71. Eviense the Irish Murphy Tribunal is a cover up for a cover up
  72. Imaginary elimination of chemical weapons in US: some obvious conclusions...
  73. Is WikiLeaks To Blame?
  74. US involvement in Egypt
  75. Have been always suspicious that clever guys...
  76. Libya's rebels and civilians against Gaddifi - civil war! ! ! !
  77. UN Finds its Balls in the Ivory Coast
  78. Iraq - Not exactly liberated
  79. Osama bin Laden - Mission Accomplished?
  80. OBL - A video nasty
  81. The Afghani Constitution
  82. Sarah of Alaska
  83. Mr Netanyahu goes to Washington
  84. FIFA takes over World - Hacks make pilgrimage to Zurich
  85. Syria v Libya: UN-decided?
  86. Alliance for European Integration forged election in Moldova
  87. Norway's Nazi Killer
  88. Quarrels inside EU
  89. Forged accusations of espionage
  90. Ukraine in Eastern Partnership
  91. Outrageous attestation of bearing pressure upon Georgian journalists
  92. Turkey Turns Away From Israel
  93. Egypt Turns against Israel
  94. Amanda Knox cleared of Meredith Kercher murder
  95. South Africa refuses Monarch's Visa
  96. Europe - Is it a busted flush?
  97. Celebrations over Gadhafi's death
  98. Greece - Turkeys voting for Christmas?
  99. Iran - The Next Domino?
  100. Latest US Attempt at Pakistan Diplomacy: 25 Border Guards Murdered
  101. No Honour for the Dead
  102. Kim Jong il, goodbye and good riddance
  103. Mitt Romney and the State of Hypocrisy
  104. Disgusted with Russia and China
  105. Why are we so soft?
  106. RIP Marie Colvin
  107. Sarkozy vs Hollande: French Left-Overs?
  108. Italian Backbone
  109. Joseph Kony 2012 - Your thoughts
  110. Foreign Secretary to be sued.
  111. Enough is Enough
  112. Pakistan's dirty little secret
  113. Spanish Whining
  114. Good Riddance to Bad Trash!
  115. Assad, the new comical Ali?
  116. Israel - the threat to world peace
  117. Israel starves Palestinian child prisoners
  118. Egypt - Democracy's Last Stand
  119. Congratulations to Syria for shooting down a NATO spy plane:
  120. The EU seeking more power
  121. N. Koreans seem to dislike Chinese : British diplomat
  122. Silly Little Country
  123. Anything the Greeks can do Jordan can do worse
  124. 13 Trillion kept in tax havens by world's richest
  125. Vlad the Impaler
  126. The tolerant religion of Islam???
  127. Jewish Terrorists
  128. Our Friends the Taliban
  129. Islamic Tolerance
  130. EU army anyone?
  131. David Cameron hints at EU referendum amid eurozone crisis
  132. Everyone needs to watch this. CNN caught producing "State Sponsored News" in Bahrain.
  133. So-called Justice
  134. Stupid Republicans
  135. The Nation of Palestine
  136. Just Die, Chavez
  137. David Cameron 'confident' of UK getting EU changes
  138. Mali - should we get involved?
  139. Good Riddance to Bad Trash
  140. Obama free to kill US citizens
  141. Falklands Referendum
  142. Increasingly worried about N. Korea
  143. Hypocrite Pope
  144. Freedom versus Socialism
  145. Senate fails on Gun Control
  146. God bless Canadian Muslims
  147. An inspiration to Saudi women
  148. Egypt: Two Minds
  149. Women in Combat
  150. Justice for Zimmerman
  151. Iran Leader wants LESS censorship
  152. Deal reached with Iran
  153. Sudan's Civil Strife
  154. Hollande, Jacques-le-garcon
  155. $7 BILLION on failed war on drugs in Afghanistan
  156. US F-35 fighters to train near Russia
  157. USS Michigan nuclear submarine docks in Busan port, South Korea