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Celtic Knight
01-12-2011, 10:31 PM
Rise Celts of Eire to Our Childer's Call: Oisin

What Beast of Rome does cause dot childer's misery cry?
Are there no Hero's to defeat the Devils Church's Lies?
Where Tir Na Nog be lost to the Devils Holy See,
Not when Oisin Arises in me their defeat to Eire's History!

Tiocadh Mo La Me Fein,

Colm Ui Dalaigh
Ard Ri of Eire

What I am Looking for is the support of the Irish and Other Nations Communities in Petitioning the Irish State to End the Persecution on my Thai Family by affording me Back my Rights and Justice! They are persecuting to protect a pediophile and his supporters from Justice. Please read and understand my anguish at the Betrayal ONCE again to the Childer's of our Motherland!

Also there are Commercial aspects Like, Books, Media Exclusives etc... Big Seller exposing Murphy Tribunal as Corrupt and the Motifs behinds it. All my surplus outside of Living a decent living goes to my Charity to Develop World Solutions to World Problems, like using Ancient Celtic methods of reclamation to reclaim the Deserts, A Flood Contention and distribution System for Thailand and others.

They Destroyed my Australian Registered Charity! As well as my Healing, Closure, Life Recovery Plans, Access Rights to First son, Wedding, Honey Moon, Now my Family with Second son 1.5 years and unborn Daughter I will soon have to abandon to poverty if my request is not filled and all to try and take control and change my investment plans they could not contend with.

I am bringing to you to ask your support in exposing this Corruption and helping to end my Thai Families Persecution. I have spent 3 years now trying to Report. Even more Intensively since the Murphy Report. But the Authorities fail to act. they refuse to recognize the Witness protection order. The Irish Bangkok Consulate under took to deliver documents and a request for Legal Aid to the Minister of Justice to authorize to bypass already found prejudice. I stood to protect the Children of Eire. Please read and if you can help!

The Defense of the Priest was the use of the Evil Eye. He claimed he was the integral Priest, my age to imply near adult responabilty was 17 not 15 as truth, though a pedophile battled for years against his urges and Alcoholism and was exploited by me. They blocked all evidence including open case. Church had decades of records and Gardai had reports. Even Psychologist Lied to Court and new his defense was deception, treating him for years. He tried offending and broke bail in 2002 bishop did not report till 2004 after criminal and before Church secret file handover. The defense could have being over in 2000 if Gardai had used other case on file to combine as normal. The evidence I have proves the Murphy Report is a Cover Up for a Church State Collusion to Suppress he International Laws to Lower the Statute to 10 years to get them all of which has led to my 12 year persecution which now affect my Thai Buddhist Family.

the Irish State have given that Priest an Amnesty and providing a Criminal Protectorate for those who persecuted me and others. They refuse to recognize my Rights to Court and Justice. International Crimes and human Rights infringements are and have being committed against since settlement in 2007. These include Mental Cruelty, Religious Persecution, Destruction of my Livelihood, and Tools of Trade, Removal of Dignity, Right to Found a Family, Exploitation, Forced Labor. All at the Destruction of My Life Recivery Plans and Healing to protect a pediophile from Justice.

If I was included in the Murphy Report like Others to make a Statement and not refused at the end. they would have had to expose the Corruption and Cover up. It involves both now retired and current serving Bishops dealing with the pediophiles and Complainants. I can provide a more comprehensive document by e-mail in contacted. It includes the Murphy Report Extract with my Input and conclusions.

I recently joined this site and it was agreed I could campaign to recruit people to help me in My Protest. I placed an effective Quote from my Work which was not abusive. It refers to Controversial but current Global Issues regards the Catholic Church, Its Pediophile Clergy and its International persecution of My Thai Buddhist Family to poverty. The Motif behind this is the fact the Devils Beast Priest that Abused me with the numerology of 666 was the Church and state colluded in 1999 to suppress the Laws of Ireland to Lower the statue trough out Europe and the Rest of the World by illegal usage of Common Law application being applied to statute Law. The intent was to get all the pedophile clergy and Supporting and Criminally Responsible Hierarchy to Evade Justice. The evidence I have proves the Murphy Report and Tribunal is a cover up for that Priest and the attempted Suppression of International state Criminal Law.

My Family Mentally Cruelty abused me for Months with my Solicitor. I am being abused heavily for 3 years now trying to report this to All state authorities in Ireland including the Irish Consulate here in Thailand specifically Bangkok. Who have refused to keep an undertaking to Transfer my Document and evidence to the Minister of Justice in Ireland.

Basically the Irish Government and Church is Supporting and portraying my Persecution and that of my vulnerable Thai Children to protect a pedophile from Jail and the other penalties of Law applicable and is evading Justice as are the others involved.

Is there no Humanity, Christianity or even a Good Samaritan in the Irish?

There is also the Issue that this sort of Expose has many commercial applications. Media Exclusives, Documentary, Book (this expose would be the Biggest with proper strategist. Expose in Media with Book Launch Internationally. Massive Sales potential. thereby due to my circumstances I was looking for help in producing the products. So I can refund my Charity and end International Persecution by Gross Criminal and Civil Injustice.

Also if pressure put on Consulate and Government to deal with me and my documents and the Minister of Justice to Authorize my Access to Legal aid as outlined in the request. I have a number of Cases and also have to organize for Safety hearings to be held in Thailand. Most of my Cases are worth Multi Million Euro's.

The Irish have a Right on this Site as do all other catholics to know the Corruption in the Religious. It is their Children, religion and faith. I want the Children Protected just as I did when I stood in 1999. Now 12 years of Criminal and Civil Persecutors of injustice. That priest has served no time and no civil penalty. has a standing sentence with the evidence to commission the sentence in the Murphy Report. He claimed he abused no one. If he succeeded a recently convicted for raping a seven year old to Elvis. Five years of it for boy's lifetime only 16 for the Beast Priest with over 750 others. What happy Quotes does his parties in life remember! Two girls raped by a crucifix adorned by Jesus, How did you bleed when you lost your Virginity like Mother Virgin Mary.

More Clerical Abuse Survivors Internationally than Clergy in all orders. 2000 in Holland one Bishop over 2000 alone. Australia Thousands. Clearly Issues for Global Minds on World Global Current Affairs.

There are documents missing from Murphy Report. Media Manipulation and mis reporting. DPP Prejudicially dropping cases fitting High Court Judged Requirement set by my 6.5 years successful offense. Due Process Manipulated and could be link to case in England where Catholic Dictator was tried, Removed Reasonable time to hearing to allow delay arguments and illegal Statute Challenge under Common Law for Civil Application of the Law. Only area of Law Arguable in criminal is Sentencing. Everything was to keep him looking as a one off offender. Second wave cases dropped mentioned in court by gardai. Newspaper article stated she told the court she had no knowledge of any other cases. My Evidence exposes the Murphy Tribunal as a cover up for the cover up to get them all off. I have it available in PDF Format.

My Current family are being persecuted to Poverty to protect them! What Christianity? what Humanity? My Second Son Spoke in the Cradle at one month. Ran and Danced Move Early. Did not Cry. Was Born the same period listed in the Christian Revelations to the New Era Start Date 22/12/2012.

My Thesis which there funds and my Australian Charity was to fund is World Solutions to World Problems. I have the True Teaching of Jesus and why he did not Cry. The Frankincense Gold and Myrrh Body Mind and immunity.

you see observing the babies, arm, hand and Mouth Movements means crying to pick up or pick up and feed are removed. Crying for Food. Ever have hunger pain. well this means our children grow with better and earlier communications, Stronger Psychological development and more passive. More Jesus less Baravas as we have now.

My Name Numerology breaks down to 10, only a few recorded in History, Buddha and Jesus just being two. My Birth Numerology contain Prime and Master Numbers 13 and 22. My Ancient Lineage was the High King of the Celtic Nations. Our Family name still adorns the Assembly of Eire and Ui Dalaigh the Barristers Layer of the Four Courts. We trace back to the Dallach founders of the Tuhatta De Nanaan. A God Like People. Our Faith is Ancient. Celestial Mappers proving we had time many Mayan Cycles before them and Buddha. We choose to encapsulate History and Teaching in Legends. Placed major Psychopathology is cross referencing being to man. Semi Fictionalization.

By the way not only the Priest that abused me has the numerology of the Beast of Rome 666 but so does the Holy Roman Catholic Church. The Holy Father Pope, Bishop of Rome. In Numerology the alpha fox represent 6.

Tiocadh Mo La Me Fein,

Colm Ui Dalaigh
Sept Dallach
Tuhatta De Nannan
Ard Ri of Eire
Church of Conceptology

Celtic Knight
01-16-2011, 02:53 PM
This is the Latest and breaking Expose of an Irish state and Church Colussion to suppress the Law of Europe and Lower the International statute for pedophiles to 10 years and has led to my and my Thai Families Current Persecution! The Irish State will not take or allow the taking of a Statement for Criminal Investigation. The evidence supporting me is in the Murphy Report itself as they clearly failed to expose it purposely. I have the documented evidence! Only posting for a few days now. Just tried o spread out to get as many people to read as possible in the hope someone will put preassure on he state to provide my Rights. Recently went to Bangkok Consulate who abused me by breaking the underrtaking to involve the Minister of Justice and provide authorisation for Legal; Aid so I can persue my persecutors and that priest unpenaltied in Court. He has a conviction and gained a non-custodial to setence to set me up for persecution by using the EVIL EYE. All State Authorites from Gardai to Church had eviidence that would have blocked the defence.