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  1. Nothing as exciting as RedPeril, but there's always potential with each new member. Good to have you back
  2. Hi eaty,
    I've been busy the last few weeks, and I haven't been on the forum for a while. Must say it's good to be back! Anything much happen in my abscence?
  3. So he says, presuming he is a he, as I can't imagine a woman being that acerbic.

    Would be interesting to read such a text, if it exists.
  4. Has RedPeril had a book published?
  5. That's cool maverick. That sometimes happens to me. I'd like to get some discussions going on the books I read, but my thinking is a little twisted, so I stick to the press and blame them
  6. I am in fact neither of these things, I just happened to pick up this really good book on the subject and felt compelled to post about it.
  7. Ah. Thanks for the info maverick. I should have figured it out on my own. You seem to be interested in Science and Medicine. Are you a student or employed in that industry maverick?
  8. vm stands for visitor message
  9. Saw your comment on my page maverick, but what's a VM?
  10. hey emw,
    Do you have a view on euthanasia?
    If you do, could you write a post on my thread in UK General?
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