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Thread: Councils to ban Latin

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    Exclamation Councils to ban Latin

    In the latest move to dumb down our language, and limit our language. Councils will be banning the use of Latin phrases and abbreviations in any of their publications or internal texts, so people who have moved to this country and struggle with our language, will have less trouble understanding it!

    Another wonderful example of how this society is being geared to appeal to the lowest common denominator! I mean seriously, who the fuck is getting paid money to think of new ways to dumb down society, and eradicate our traditions.

    I mean seriously! Editing our language to accommodate people who aren't from here and have trouble understanding! WHEN IS THIS BULLSHIT GOING TO STOP!?
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    Where did you hear this story?

    Firstly, I don't think any country should allow someone to immigrate and live there permanently unless they can speak and write sufficiently in the official native language.

    However, with regards to the use of Latin, even British born citizens have trouble understanding it so perhaps it would benefit a lot of people and not just immigrants.

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    We speak a version of Latin anyway. The English language is derived mainly from Old Frisian and from Norman French, both of which are derivied from Latin and, to a lesser extent, Ancient Greek. Even Welsh, although very different from English, still contains a lot of words derived from Latin.
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