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Thread: Council Snooping curbed

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    Default Council Snooping curbed

    Against all expectations, they are actually going to curb the abilty of local councils to snoop on residents for things like 'putting bins out on the wrong day'.

    BBC NEWS | Politics | Council 'spying' to be restricted

    A small victory for privacy! Now all we need is for them to stop spying on every other aspect of our lives!
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    I like your quote. Apt in the current circumstances. Too many well-paid non-jobs have been 'created' in the snooping sector by our party politicians in the last few years. Remember the HIPs scandal when wannabe 'surveyors' (snoopers) were parted from their cash by mushrooming dodgy fat-cat 'government approved training agencies'?. And don't forget the legions of people (all on 50K/year) appointed to teach workers how to wash their hands and dispose of tissues. The ruling party effectively bought all those votes I bet.

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    This was real job -lesbian bereavement councillor was paying 38,000 a year plus car which no doubt included fuel and maintenance and insurance,plus a pension all at the tax payers expense.

    Excuse my ignorance but how is the bereavement of a lesbian any different to the bereavement of a heterosexual person?


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