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    Default Exchange rates

    Me and a mate are going to Australia and have a few grand to change into dollars. I started tracking the exchange rate a few weeks ago when it was 1.98 to the pound, since it has dropped to 1.81 so i am now caught in a conundrum, do i hang on and hope it goes back up or change now?

    I have been looking around for little earners such as a pal of mine works in travel and can get a better rate, at the moment she came up with 1.862...looking around the internerds i found XE - The World's Favorite Currency and Foreign Exchange Site but am a bit wary! The rate at the mo' there is 1.93ish. Would you trust this site or has anyone got any other ideas?

    I wouldn't bother fannying about but with 3-4 grand it is worth it as small points return decent returns.

    Thanks in advance

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    Im sure that the currency rate will go down further and this will last for another 2 months. It will be better if you can change it now or else you might incur a quite a big loss
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