Dictatorship in Europe is out of common sense.
Chi è il piccolo Stalin di Minsk che incanta Silvio - Europa
If you donít speak Italian then try Google translator Ė itíll help you get the gist of the article.
Actually I think itís very controversial. On the one hand everyone recognizes that Mr. Lukashenko fabricated the results of the election to become President. Itís also clear, that the policy he pursues is close to dictatorial one and that as a partner heís highly unreliable Ė he can easily change sides if smth goes wrong.
On the other hand Brussels accepts him in the Eastern Partnership and suspends sanctions against him, IMF gives loans to him and our Prime Minister Silvio Berluskoni (not actually sane imo) pays him an official visit.
You see, it all looks like as though here in Europe weíve decided that dictatorship on the European continent is not a problem at all and weíve turned a blind eye to it. ButÖis it right? Should the EU support tyrants instead of standing up to them?