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Thread: Channel4 Gov Ad Wonder Walking Woman

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    Question Channel4 Gov Ad Wonder Walking Woman

    Hallo new news forum
    blessings on your hopefully sane administrators

    I am surprised to see that new "Walking women" as per advertisements ion c4 is wearing the same pair of shoes as she wore when sad, tired non walking woman, and yet somehow still has a smile on her face and have to wonder if they have switched photos??

    Or perhaps the photo was taken on a Monday morning after a nice summer holiday in the Algave, because by the end of the day her feet will be aching with blisters, and by the end of the week - with our weather - she will be suffering from foot rot too because her shoes are not only uncomfortable and not built to accommodate the avarage British foot, but the soles are so thin that her feet will be soaked in minutes and we all know that cheesey feet and foot rot are the direct result of damp shoes

    Of course she may be carrying a change of footwear for the office in her bag, because the office or the school or college she attends refuses to give her heaters to dry her rain drenched walking to work coat or locker to keep to keep her books and indoor clothes tbags sugar tspoon, ricecakes marmite etc etc

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    sorry dont watch TV much havent a clue what you are talking about
    Wherever we go, every one knows
    It's me and my arrow

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    sounded interesting until I read it again & noticed it was "walking"


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