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Thread: Lower the voting age?

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    most 16-17 year olds can hardly speak.

    this is a typical young person's converstaion, like, f,like,f,like hold my bollox,f,like,,like l=,like ah oo oo oo like , f,likeoooooolike ah oo im a monkey ,like f
    you get me ? like,it was like,iwas like ffffff like,like like

    give them the vote .... no

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    The idea of conversing with young people is to not allow them a yes or no response. This is typically the object of voting, so I'm probably against it too.
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    That would be telling


    I think the system as it is probably is set at the level where it should be.

    As to earning taxes, it will only be the most industrious 16 - 17 year olds that break the threshold.
    As to joining the army, (I hope someone will correct me on this one if I am wrong), I believe you are allowed to join at this age but it is a couple of years later before you would be put 'in harms way'.

    Teaching politics in schools? - Probably not as important as teaching economics, (Personal & business), in schools but it would be good to give at least some kind of grounding in the processes of the British system so that people would have a good idea of what they are hearing on the news and then be able to form a more informed opinion. It wouldn't do any harm just to look at other systems in the world so that people can start to 'think outside the box' that they find themselves in.

    So leave it at eighteen. Lets try and find other ways to increase turnout like politicians doing something inspiring for a change.

    Mr Muck

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