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    Sky Sports could see their share-price tumbling in light of a recent EC ruling that it cannot prevent customers from seeking foreign deals in the broadcasting of sports, television and film. The EC were ruling over Karen Murphy's decision to appeal the High Court ruling last year. Karen was broadcasting Premier League football from a Greek digital box when the Premier League junta intervened. Although Karen has won a major victory for the common man, the EC ruling could not be implemented in a public capacity, as it could not interfere with Sky's own licensing policies.

    At present it costs 40 per month for the basic channels, and additional costs for any premier channels, such as Disney, Film Channels and Sports. Adding Sky Sports 1 & 2 will add an extra 20 to your monthly costs. You can purchase Live Premier League football through CanalDigital+ for roughly 10 per month; in addition to their standard package for 30 and when you see their standard package it includes many channels which would cost you extra through Sky Will this dramatically destroy the monopoly Sky has over satellite broadcasting in this country? Or will the Premier League merely raise their prices to foreign satellite broadcasters?
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