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Thread: Camden Council install threat robot

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    Default Camden Council install threat robot

    Thankfully this thing has already been switched off already, but I'm almost lost for words that someone could not see a problem with installing a machine which is there to take photos of members of the public and issue unlawful threats to them. Apart from the unbelievable Orwellian nature of this thing, you have to ask how councils aren't more accountable to wasteful and idiots schemes like this.

    Words escape me.
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    That is pretty wild Will. But if they just put a heavy-duty mining laser on the bloody thing then they can save on the paper-work and sack a few council officers, thereby saving everybody some time and money. Apart from the Orwellian perspective I would like to think some common sense is involved in the processing element, and they can differentiate from this poor chap sitting in his park in the middle of winter with some yobs tearing up the Hydrangia bushes.

    On a similar tangent I was in King's Cross and I noted about 8 cameras focused upon the main entrance, about 3 cameras in the main foyer, god knows how many along the platform and then about three cameras in each carriage. I'm sure once the government starts cutting back on the police numbers things will be more than adequate in the State of the Watched.
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