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Thread: No Shaking Hands? That's Just not Cricket

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    Default No Shaking Hands? That's Just not Cricket

    The British Olympic team has been advised by the BOA's chief medical officer that shaking hands with their respective opponents at the forthcoming Olympics should be categorically avoided. The germ-minded doctor considers the risk of infection to be too great in the face of winning all those gold-medals the GB Olympic team usually aspires to: "I think that is not such a bad thing to advise. The difficulty is when you have got some reception and you have got a line of about 20 people you have never met before who you have got to shake hands with." It should be interesting to watch the churlish British team wander past their opponents indignantly, and watch those outstretched hands relent and those foreign smiles fade into a cloud of agitated vehemence. Whether the good doctor has any prior knowledge of any country considering germ-warfare to scupper our chances of gold is unknown, but to spurn an outstretched hand in the spirit of gamesmanship just isn't British now, is it?
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    From the article:
    "It is the normal English greeting," the etiquette adviser Liz Wyse told the Associated Press. "It is a bit of a sad thing if people are worried about shaking hands in case it spreads disease. It's not very sociable."
    ^ This!

    Seriously? I think it is well out of order and bad sportmanship for that matter to not shake hands. You're probably going to get sick from other forms of contracting germs - food poisoning is a common one, (although in this day and age teams hire their own cooks to stop potential jeopardy). I really don't think this is a good look on the host team's behalf. If they were that worried, they should just put sanitizer on their hands afterwards. Seriously people...I hope this does not become the norm!

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    That would be telling

    Default Go the whole hog - put them spacesuits

    Just when you thought it couldn't get more surreal. Look if they are that bothered about it just give the athletes some gloves to wear so that they can shake hands and then bin the gloves. Or better still just don't bother and ask the athletes to remind the Doctors that it's all about taking part.

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