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Thread: Surprise Surprise

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ollyof39 View Post
    Thanks very much EMW, and I daresay I'll get used to everything in the fullness of time: I'm not all that bright, that's my trouble. Wish the smilies were as good as the ones on my other board though - not that I'm complaining you understand!!!
    Don't be afraid to ask for help on any issue Olly. Me and Will are always available to help, if we can. And any member might offer their assistance too.

    All intelligence is relative.
    Faced with certain disaster, defiance is the only answer.

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    I'll remember that EMW - thanks. I also want to say that I like this board and will be tarrying awhile - or longer!: But until I get used to it - if anyone wants an answer to one of my posts and doesn't get one, then the explanation is that I'll have missed theirs; I never fail to account for or explain my rationale, and won't mind if they can draw my attention to my omission in some way or other.

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