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Thread: Club "policy".

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    For once I'm in agreement with Eatmy here. A pretty unsatisfactory explanation from the club in my opinion. There is no mention of them deleting the data. I'm really not sure how giving the club your fingerprints enhances your safety. And what is the chance of entering a club once using an old-fashioned paper ID, and then leaving the club and trying to re-enter the club a second time having lost your ID? I thought clubs used to stamp an ink mark or an ultraviolet mark on your wrist for such a purpose. It is all very sinister to me, and that doesn't even begin to address the issue of why they were applying this policy in a sexually discriminative manner.

    I also hope that Eatmy's prediction of a world in 30 years time where private companies are able to demand DNA samples never comes true. One can imagine some of the consequences. We could have a two-tier society based on whether you have "good" or "bad" genes. Those with genes which suggest they might be susceptible to cancer or other diseases will be denied insurance or the right to take out a mortgage from a bank (in fact, I'm sure banks and insurance companies would love this information now). Night-clubs, or any other business open to the public, could bar you entry if your genes indicate a tendency towards criminality, aggression or drug abuse. They wouldn't even need to take a sample of hair or blood if your fingerprint linked them to a national DNA database. Employers might demand a DNA screening before offering you a job. Perhaps even potential partners might have the right to demand a DNA check to see if you had a genetic disposition towards adultery, domestic violence or even paedophilia. You might be judged guilty of the most horrendous things without ever doing anything wrong. Scary stuff, and if people don't make a stand against it now, who says it wouldn't come true?
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