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Thread: Time for Justice

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    I also will be throwing in the towel on this one. Regrettably, Eatmywords doesn't seem to understand the invasive psychological power that a few adults have, and make it their business to develop, to force someone who will satisfy their desire for sadistic cruelty, perverted sex acts, and money generated from all this. It is in no way whatsoever a two-way relationship, it is very much a one-way road to an unimaginable hell, where children (in this case, but I can't emphasise enough it can be adults) cannot choose to turn back, and they certainly don't and CAN'T 'choose' to go running back into their captors' arms - they just have to. No choice. Such is psychological rape.

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    So what Northumbrian, you asked me to condemn these men, and I had. It's not my fault you weren't aware I already had. And what came before should stand for what comes after.

    And when it comes to victim on this site, then based on recent activity, it certainly isn't me, despite what some people say.
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