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Thread: BBC News Web Site Comment Priorities

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    Default BBC News Web Site Comment Priorities

    I am quite amazed that at this time, the only news story that the BBC deem worthy of public comment is:

    - Torie's in another 'Cash for Questions' scandal? No.
    - Riots across Turkey? No.
    - Woolwich murderers in court? No.
    - Russia sending arms to Syria? No

    But guess what, Matt Smith (MATT FUCKING SMITH!!) is leaving Dr.Who!!!!!! Everyone just stop what you're doing and consider the importance of this.

    There's only one thing that's more disturbing, and that is the fact that anyone who has passed comment on this stunning set of priorities, has found their comments negatively rated into oblivion!

    In many ways, this says more about just how truly fucked UK society is than any number of EDL gatherings. Aldous Huxley was 100% bang on the money, the truth will be drowned in a sea of irrelevances.
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    I know what you mean Will, but in fact the BBC has to be quite expedient about which stories it opens up to public comment - as a mass media outlet they don't have the freedom which we have on this forum. The Woolwich murder would definitely be off-limits because it is now going through court. The MP/lobbying scandal (now a Labour scandal as well as a Tory one incidently) again would be shaky legal ground - if members of the public were to accuse individuals on the BBC site of breaking the law before it had gone to court, for example, this could lead to libel action. Of course, technically we are subject to the same laws on this forum, but of course only a handful of people read this, millions visit the BBC site every day.

    In fact I have just been on the BBC and the Istanbul riots DO have a public comments section. There may have been an earlier comments page on the Russian arms to Syria - I'm not sure. As for Dr Who, it might not be important to you or me, but 10 million people watch it. Unfortunately, you can't control what people are interested in ... top read story at the BBC today is the Czech woman giving birth to quintuplets!

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    I don't see the problem. There are plenty of places people can go to discuss such important matters, why does the BBC have to offer a simliar space? You could make that argument about the Dr Who story as well, but it's a great opportunity for them to promote their programming. The more serious articles will always attract more partisan/hostile responses and will have to be duly moderated, an expense I'm not keen on the BBC paying tbh

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