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Thread: Cameron to Censor the internet

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    Default Cameron to Censor the internet

    David Cameron has decided it's time to begin the censorship of the internet.

    You must now declare yourself a deviant if you want to have full access to the internet. Not only that, but Dave wants to decided what words you should be allowed to search for, and he wants to force search engines to systematically block any content Dave feels you shouldn't be looking at. All under the guise of, "think of the children."

    The trouble is, any child out there will be able to circumnavigate these blocks in about 5 minutes using a proxy server. What then? Well, next obviously when this doesn't work, Dave will have to block access to proxy servers too. I can only guess at what Orwellian measures will come next! Who gets to decide what is pornographic or what is art or fashion? Who decides where Rape starts and S & M finishes?

    Child pornography and rape are serious problems. But these measures will do NOTHING to prevent either.

    This is the thin end of the wedge. How long before we start seeing similar censorship in the name of fighting Terrorism? Dave deciding which web sites are too subversive or controversial. How long before a planned protest online is instead labelled a riot? How long before we start seeing file-sharing sites blocked? Are we going to see social media blocked too? As there's plenty of porn on there as well. What's next?

    The governments of the world are desperate to control the internet, as they know it's eroding their power. Welcome to China!!
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    Any crackdown on child abuse images should of course be welcomed and is probably overdue, but I do share your concern Will that this is going quite a bit beyond that. It seems you won't be able to access legal pornography without specifically asking your ISP to allow you to. This is something that seems quite intrusive for what is, afterall, a perfectly legal activity and I don't believe any other European countries have such controls. I'm not really sure who this is supposed to help in any case. Children (and we are talking teenagers here) who want to view such material will usually be far more tech-savvy than their parents and will no doubt find ways to bypass any firewalls or blocking software. I'm certainly concerned about the sexualisation of children, and the internet is a big part of that problem, but I'm not convinced that this is the right way to go.

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    I'd like to think that both the LibDems and labour would oppose the plans - but the LD are probably too spineless these days to make an effective stand, and Labour (Miliband) seems too short sighted.

    The plans are terrible, and have nothing going for them - save from encouraging every 14yr old boy in the country to learn about circumnavigating cyber security . . . we'll be world leader in the interweb security industry in a decades time

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    Default Stop child porn on the web - Hit search engines?

    Oh Dave,

    Yes you can stop some of this stuff but come on Dave, use a computer FFS. If Davy thinks this will stop the serious child voyeurs and abusers from downloading the filthy images he is being given some naive advice.
    Not only that Dave, under whose juristiction are the search engines, (Unless we wish to have a situation like they have in China or until lately they had in the middle East)?
    Strange that the guy in charge of CEOPS didn't agree with David Cameron's solution.
    Seriously, as the web is global, this needs to be a global solution involving the likes of CEOPS (and their equivalent in other countries), the Domain name registrars, and ISPs if you really want to hit this problem hard.
    And then as Northumbrian and Will point out, where does it stop? Seriously, it's a can of worms but so long as they restrict it to the child pornography can, on a global scale then I don't think anyone could or would argue against it. However doing that in practise would be a very hard task indeed.

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    I was listening to Dave on the jeremy vine show today and to be honest he didn't have a clue what he was talking about .All this 'deal' with the providers is ,is a gift for the conspiracy theorists ,and they may have a point ,will people who opt out be cross checked to see if they are on the sex offenders register ? will the person who opts out be frowned upon because they want to search the history of Essex on Wiki.It seems to me that this is an invasion of privacy and a removal of civil liberty for no reason .The aim is laudable but the method is ridiculous ,i wouldn't mind giving up a bit of freedom if the plan would work

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