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I don't think you've quite understood what Cameron wants here. This isn't some optional software you can install for yourself. No this is what Dave wants as standard for everyone on the Internet, if you want to look into any of the subjects mentioned above (including "esoteric things"), you need to opt-in to do so. In other words, you need to actively register your interest in alcohol, smoking, anorexia, terrorism, "esoteric things," porn, etc.. With RIPA, GCHQ, and the coming 'Snoopers Charter,' you can guarantee Dave will make sure that your every activity on the net will be logged. Simply by opting in you may be giving Police all the reason they need to mark you down as suspicious and worthy of "investigation." If that doesn't terrify you, then nothing will.
Yes if it was true, I would certainly be terrified and just as indignant as you are. The problem is I don't believe for a moment this is anything more than a scare story. To be charitable I suppose scare stories like this do serve a purpose in that the reaction they produce might hopefully persuade politicians that they shouldn't ever try anything like this for real.

P.S. Any idea what "esoteric material" means? I have concerns for my interests in Astronomy and Particle Physics!