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Thread: does anyone trust the police?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patman Post View Post
    The Met's slowly getting better under Hogan-Howe, who appears to be genuine in his attempts to improve the Police. The problem is that there is still a macho culture and a tendency to brief against critics and to collaborate to get retaliation in first when internal investigations look likely.

    With a more intelligent response by local management in Tottenham after the Duggan shooting, the riots might not have kicked off...
    That is 'the problem' - and the reason is because they watch too many 'tv cop shows', and it has made them lose all sense of reality and perspective. It's a bit like nurses and 'tv hospital shows' - they have too. It's bound to happen with the dumbing down project well under way!

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    Mr Tomlinson was not pushed he was smashed to the ground with brute force and literally was not a threat in any way. There is no way a copper can assess it was alcohol (Mr T was drunk) He could have been ill?? Or mentally impaired, hence this is why the POlice should never smash down a person who happens to be doing nothing of any way a threat. Harwood was not charged under the correct law/offence. Hence he got off lightly. relative to what he did. Yes, HArwwood was/is a rotten cowardly slimeball. A Bricklayer does not go through specific work-related training joined together by taking an oath. If they, the police, could do it a few decades ago... showing full respect to the public and behaving as if they serve the public and not the government and minorities then they can do it now.


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