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Thread: Should the niqab . . .

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    Default And Now the Muslim Beard

    I thought I would add this to the debate because it is somewhat relative.

    Two fourteen year old Muslim boys have been barred from attending classes because they would not shave off their beards. This indeed does sound extremely ludicrous because surely every man has the right to shave or not to shave. There is no legal stipulation a child has to be clean-shaven when attending school.

    The situation becomes a little more serious when it is revealed the two-boys are attending a Roman Catholic school. The matter is completely ridiculous on both sides, as how is a beard offensive to anyone? The school maintains the ban was not for religious reasons, but purely based on codes of dress; even though a beard cannot be considered an article of clothing. Unlike the niqab the headmaster of Mount Carmel said, "We have not taken this decision lightly. I have spent quite a lot of time researching the issue and speaking to Muslim elders. There is nothing specifically written in the Qur'an about wearing a beard. It is a choice those boys are making. However inclusive we are, we have standards to maintain." I suppose if there is some article written in the school charter that a boy cannot be sporting a beard then so be it, shave the beard off, or find another school.

    In contrast the relativess maintain the beards are being grown for religious reasons; even I find that hard to accept. Mohammed wanted all Muslim men to be inconvenienced with a very annoying growth that had to be maintained every day and equally is an inconvenience when eating food? The relatives naturally consider this is prejudice, but I do not see anything specifically offensive in school demanding a dress code: "A relative of one of the youngsters said it was "pure discrimination"". Again, I don't see this as discrimination, as the school has permitted under exceptional circumstances two boys keep their beards until the end of exams, but overall it is a blanket ban which is being enforced.

    It is disheartening that some cultural values are being maligned because codes and rules will not be accepted by some people. I'm sure the parents were made aware of the Catholic school's position on dress and conduct, and were happy to keep their Muslim children in this school because of the educational reputation. But they cannot complain further on down the school-year when their own values come into conflict with the schools own values.

    It seems equally odd that a Muslim family would be happy to send their children to a Catholic school even though their own culture would come into conflict with certain areas of teaching, and in this case the standards being set by the school.
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    Oh, the irony of a religious school arguing against special dispensation from the rules for religious reasons!

    But, the school clearly does have the right to make children adhere to their dress code - which in this case is actually quite reasonable imho

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    You mean we should invite every Tom, Dick and Harry and their dogs, wives and mistresses on this planet to come here to 'improve their lives' then? This is getting bloody scary! Has it not occurred to you that our public services are already being overwhelmed?? I'm afraid, EMW, that obsessive 'holier-than-thou' liberals like you need a personal object lesson to force you to recognise the serious flaw in your rationale; an example would be that - because the impossible pressures on, say, the surgical waiting lists of the NHS, have become so great that to the detriment of your own health you one day find yourself at the end of a queue of those whose 'lives you'd been trying to improve'. Without wishing to be rude - those like yourself really shouldn't be allowed to vote in general elections.

    That's replying to post no. 80.
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