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Thread: Kansas Group Suing to Remove Science from Schools

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    Default Kansas Group Suing to Remove Science from Schools

    Kansas Group Suing to Remove Science from Schools

    I have a feeling a certain poster on here would not be unhappy to stop science classes

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    It's remarkably reactionary, and shows the determination these myth-chasers have in trying to either remove science from the syllabus or including their own creationist agenda in the teaching of science. But this is not an isolated case, and the body of creationists is quite formidable, which does reach into the Senate. It is quite worrying and is bordering upon fundamentalism; whether peaceful or not. How can creationists declare their theory is valid if they have no facts to support it, like science can?!

    So if they can't have their cake, then neither can the reality of scientific study and investigation; tear it all down instead of working with what is possible instead of probable. Isn't this similar to what Al Qaeda is trying to do, but using the law instead of bombs? Their reasoning about their own theory being included is syllogistic and their subsequent lawsuit to remove science is a tautological. These people cannot see the ludicrousness of their own warped reasoning: "non-religious theistic worldview". I really don't understand this hard-line attitude when that Kansas religious clique have established some aspect of their worldview into the school themselves, without any objection from the scientific community: "A school board in Kansas voted this week to allow student-led prayer at all activities, and even went as far as offering the schools’ public address systems for religious use." This overturns a federal law enacted in 1962 that considered the act of faith to be unconstitutional.

    Indeed there is a fundamental war going on in a number of US States north and south regarding returning religion to the school day or syllabus, and there is no evidence reason will triumph over faith.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rook View Post
    Kansas Group Suing to Remove Science from Schools

    I have a feeling a certain poster on here would not be unhappy to stop science classes
    Maybe they want their kids to learn how to read and write first!!...

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    This group even has the gall to complain that the state is "indoctrinating" kids with the "religion" of evolution, in defiance of the secular constitution. Apparently teaching science is promoting a "non-thiestic religious worldview"? So I guess teaching a "thiestic religious worldview" would be OK then!!!!!

    I suspect this lawsuit will not go very far. Sadly, I don't think it will make a lot of difference in the redneck bible-belt of mid-western America. Any attempt to teach science to kids in schools is probably nullified by the brainwashing children recieve from their church and their parents at home. Then you have the particularly deranged Christian parents who take their children out of the state school system and either "home school" them or set up "schools" (I use the term loosely) of their own. How tragic for a country whose scientists discovered that the Universe began with the Big Bang, and who put the first men on the Moon.

    Should we be worried in the UK? Yes. Whatever nonsense happens across the pond makes its way over here, sooner or later. We already have the "Emmanuel Schools" here - state-funded academies set up by Christian fruitcake Peter Vardy, where creationism is taught alongside evolution. As if it wasn't bad enough that we have to deal with Christian fundamentalism, we have its Islamic cousin over here too. Here in the land of Newton, Maxwell, Faraday and Darwin, scientists will have to be vocal in coming decades to defend their rights.
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