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Thread: Facebook's 'ethics'

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    Thanks EMW, for sharing your knowledge and insight about Facebook and the sort of people who run it. Shamelessly amoral then really, and so the serious effect such imagery could have on a few people of not much concern to them. It survives thanks to people loving to tell other people all about themselves, and the demand for this gory sensationalism one supposes. Appealing to the lowest in human nature, and worth billions because of it. Despairing.
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    For me the main problem with this sort of video being on Facebook is that the people who are posting these on there are doing it for their own reasons. Whether they be right or wrong is beside the point. What does matter to me is that if one of these videos is commented on then it appears on their friends list.
    This happened to a niece of mine. She viewed a video of a beheading and made a comment. This then went on to the wall of her friends which included younger people of an impressionable age. She wasn't aware at the time that this would have happened and was only alerted to it by someone calling her up who had clicked on the video because it said that she'd commented on it.

    If people want to view people being beheaded and the like there are places for this. I don't think anything of an offensive nature should be allowed to be posted but the problem is how to police it. Videos are posted instantly whether they are of your friend making a paper helicopter with a post it note or someone having their head hacked off with a chainsaw with his mate sat next to him waiting patiently for his turn (yes, I did watch that one!) can only be removed when it's reported as offensive.
    To police every video that is ever posted is impossible.

    Just don't comment and report if offended.
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