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Thread: The most important news in the UK

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    I agree, this does not merit the importance as a news item that the BBC has given it, although the BBC's sly political agenda is too well known to deserve comment.
    The case does not deserve so much attention not only because it is clear sensationalism, and it delights the majority to see someone who has done well brought low through bad luck or better still through their human failings, nor because the facts as we know them so far are the end of the story.
    As I see it, these facts are : allowing two employees pretty well ad lib access to her bank account, taking cocaine, and this seemingly arranged photo shoot of a half-attempt at strangulation. (I haven't been following it that closely, so correct me if I've got it wrong). Anyway, these 'facts', to me, point to one thing : she's undergone severe depression. What we have been hearing on the news, and looking like 'an unmade bed', are just symptoms of that depression. Well that's my take on it.
    Those around her should be asking themselves what was/is the cause of her depression, and what can they do to help her.
    The rest of us should be asking ourselves why do we crave these stories, where others get crushed to breaking point.

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