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Thread: Scottish 'independence'

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    Default Scottish 'independence'

    I am baffled at the seemingly muddled 'thinking' of the SNP.
    First of all, I love Scotland, and most of the Scots I have met, they're great. I understand their wish to have their own identity, and not to want to be dictated to any longer by us English (as they see it anyway), and all the best to them.

    BUT. First of all they say they want a clean break, and run their own affairs in their entirety. Then they say they expect automatic membership of the EU. Well there goes a bit of that newly acquired independence for a start. Then they're dismayed to be told they will have to apply, that would probably take years, that's years of being cast adrift with no one to lean on. Then, to cap it all, they want to keep sterling. (That's the same pound sterling that the rest of the UK has in its pocket, with the same value, and with the same rate of interest. Which would make Scotland like an economic backwater of the UK. Er, sort of like it is now I guess. If they really wanted to put 2 fingers up at Westminster, you'd expect them to be heartily singing the praises of the euro already, and eager to use that as a prop for support.

    I'm so disappointed, as this ill-thought-out woolliness could see the 'NO' vote win, and they will continue forever to whinge and complain about the English - we will still get the blame for everything, while continuing to carry them.
    Are any of the other 5 contributors to Talk UK Scottish by any chance? Can you explain Salmond's thinking? I dinna ken what the wee laddie's aboot.
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    I think what we are witnessing is the inevitable consequence of allowing the heart to govern the mind. Salmond has been floating along on wishfull thinking for so long now ,he and others like him have not allowed themselves to realise the true nature of what they propose. Nationalist talk is always cheap. reality costs a hell of a lot more. This has always been a good union. Regardless of what he thinks. The sadness of what he has done, is the fact that he has not only raised thought of a little nation to going its own way. But he has managed to do it in such a way as to make it a tease to the rest of the union. So much so that there are a good many in England who now say . Fuck off then, but do,nt look back, and most of all do,nt expect to hold our hand every time it suits. Sad but it works both ways.

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    Hooray! There is life on board!

    I have to admit, there's sense in what you say, and that perhaps I have become one of the 'good many in England who now say "f off then...."', whereas before I was just indifferent to SI. As you say, better if it could have been a rational debate from the start rather than wishful thinking based on nostalgia from an ancestral past. I can understand their trying to establish a stronger sense of Scottish identity though, in fact I envy them for it. England will never have that.

    Well, looks like it's just you and me on this rusting aimless hulk then Mack. I'll try and chuck a few ideas into the fuel tank, if you can manage to steer the thing - not too far to the left now!
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    Who gives a shit other than the idiot Cameron? He fucks this country up with serious issues which will result in social unrest, then waxes patriotic over something that is totally irrelevant. Self-serving double standards or what!!

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    The only problem about Scottish independence is the thought of the rest of us being left locked up with the bossmen, bullyboys and bumboys of London. Not an attractive prospect!


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