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Thread: Talk UK not going anywhere

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    Cool Talk UK not going anywhere

    It's quite sad to see some individuals cheering the end of Talk UK, even though talk UK isn't going anywhere. It's no coincidence that it's the same people who like to play the victims on a forum which no one makes them use. I myself have been taking a well needed break from the internet, sorry I didn't announce that, but it kind of defeats the point.

    Anyway, Talk UK is not going anywhere, and it will never be going anywhere as long as I live and breathe. This is my corner of the internet, and anyone who isn't a troll is free to come and use it, as it was and as it always will be. This site's only purpose is to exist, and it has done that remarkably well for about a decade.

    At some point soon I may get more with the times and integrate a lot of social media into the site. It's long overdue and it may breathe new life into the site, it may not. It matters not, this is hardly the first time this site has seen a period of inactivity and it won't be the last. Each time it has started again from scratch and carried on in it's own capacity.

    Only I can declare this site dead, anyone who says otherwise can frankly go fuck themselves.
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