I was born in England to Irish parents but have spent most of my adult life living in Scotland, I love Scotland and have found the people generally friendly and approachable, however this heightened miss guided patriotism stirred up by the SNP, has led to, for the first time in my 33 years in Scotland an environment where an English accent is maligned by a few in a country where everyone else is tolerated and made most welcome.

I worry for my adopted country in that this nationalistic fever driven more by the SWP (Scottish Whingeing Party) and a ridiculous movie starring Mel Gibson than reality,
will lead to a divorce from the rest of the UK with disastrous results for both but mostly Caledonia.

What I really do not understand is why freedom is about leaving the UK where there is significant, yet disproportionate representation at Westminster and not about leaving the EU,
when there is relatively little in Brussels.

What I don’t want is a situation in years to come when the country is bankrupt and Nicola and Alex are living comfortably in luxury cabins in a remote area of Nova Scotia, flying their weathered Saltires proudly, is to say I told you so.

What baffles people living in England is the realisation that we have free tuition fees (including for all other EU country’s but not rest of UK) free hospital parking, prescriptions, personal care in old age etc. in a country that has a larger public spending deficit than Greece and 40% greater than the rest of the UK. Why they wonder would they want Freedom from a position where the rest of the UK are in effect Subsidising their over spending. If all people in England were aware of the disparity created in 1978 with the Barnett Formula (19% higher Public Spending in Scotland than England) I think the English would be calling for freedom.

Do the SWP seriously believe that the rest of the EU would welcome another financial burden and create an equivalent to the Barnet Formula for Scotland?

Make no mistake the only real policy of the head whingers within the SWP is independence at any cost, all this false concern about leaving the EU is nothing to do with economics (Scotland exports far more to the rest of the UK than EU) but is a front to drive towards another referendum.

The UK vote to leave the EU was a reason to celebrate for the SWP, it distracts from their failure with Education, Health Care. Transport infrastructure etc. (all Englands fault naturally) and gives them a further opportunity to pursue their primary goal. Mr Gibson would be so proud let's target Jews next for killing Jesus.

It`s not about “Freedom for England” or “Freedom for Scotland” it`s about a united front with the UK being a major commercial and cultural player in the post Brexit world.

Being of Irish descent I can understand nationalist pride and a drive for a distinctive identity, however Scotland already has this along with a large number of devolved powers, why let Nicola`s over developed arrogance, ego and English xenophobia ruin a great nation further. Rarely in reality is the grass greener on the other side, in the case of a yes vote it will be burnt Orange, Please Nicola don't just think about your place in history think about solving the problems of your making in our great country.