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Thread: x.its.tongue.MOM~ Introduction

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    Default x.its.tongue.MOM~ Introduction

    Hello Will, ( take it *u* be THE main MAN ? )

    The following quote has 2 purposes, 1] proof of my endeavours to *understand* both site *and* you ( *u* ). 2] Introduce myself.
    ~About this forum
    I get a lot of e-mails asking various site building questions, sometimes I get quite snowed under by them, so it stands to reason to have this forum.

    However, despite what you may think I'm no expert, but if I can help I will.

    Hopefully, some brighter sparks will join at some point who are infinitely more knowledgeable then me.

    NOW~ This Language and specifically the English in England who use it, has 1 very, very Particular word that will *auto-encompass*~ *me*.

    It has a meaning that has no equal AND~ No like in any other language, that I know of.

    *** Eclecticism *** derived from Eclectic

    1] deriving ideas, tastes, style, etc, from various sources.

    2]`Philos & art '~ selecting one's beliefs etc. from various sources; attached to no particular school of philosophy. ( other than *mine*... of course )

    I be such a person..... *AND* that should be obvious from all of the above.


    Politics, *IS* one of those sources, which should explain my appearance *here*.

    There *are* others just as fruitful to me BUT ~ Not within the scope of your forum, Nor any others I've been able to find.

    Consequently~ I've decided to create / start my own Forum, Initially aimed @Explaining my E*cletic Ex*perience and Observations.

    Don't worry, I've no intention of poaching any of your members, nor even suggesting... such a thing.

    I have noted however, in your above post, that you be willing to help those, such as I, in that Forum Conundrum, and would like to take you *AND* *U* up on that.


    I've noticed, in other posts of yours, comments on THE COST, and a DESIRE for a Forum.... you own.

    I see, I intend to use the same provider as you, so would consider it a favour if you would expound on... *your own* as apposed to the cloud service they are currently offering.

    It worries that, *they* can delete, all my efforts should i find myself in financial difficulties. AND~ Whilst the cost be High, a self standing site controlled by me would be preferable.

    SO~ How exactly have you managed to do it, if indeed you have.

    Do you keep all, on your computer ( or where / how exactly does one become inderpendent... from them )

    If beyond your scope please understand, that I will understand as well.

    You have had another poster , on the same thread who suggests that THE FORUM issue is mostly Graphic related, and I suspect, with the exception of ownership that that be the case.
    BUT~ won't trouble you or *u*... with that.

    God like curiosity *AND* ~ just who the hell be you to want, expect *AND*~ not mention Demand anything.... less.

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    Hello again Will and all / any of you others TOO, of course.


    Done a little more digging @vBullitin AND~ Found: THE FOLLOWING, Which confuses me, You 'Sir Will' for example don't seem to have a web site, AND~ I too, don't really want one, just a forum.

    is that true ? OR Must one have a web site, in order to have the 'said forum.

    List of questions a user should ask a new host
    Fri 15th Apr '11, 10:11am
    In support, we've seen some problems that users run into with hosting. Usually it is because when the user switched hosting, they didn't realize the host would put a certain limit on connections, or set wait_timeouts real low, or other values they didn't realize would cause them issues. So, we tried to put together a list of things a user should ask a potential new host.

    Regarding PHP on the server:
    Ask for the values of these PHP variables and if you may have them changed:
    wait_timeout - if low, can cause issues with custom scripts or scripts that take a longer time to run or long queries - I wouldn't want less than 30 to start or less than 120 if you aren't allowed to change it *
    memory_limit - if low, can cause attachment problems or white/blank pages - 32 is a good start
    max_execution_time - same as above - a good start would be 30 *

    * 120 would be a much better value to start at. However, I would guess most hosts will not start you at 120, which is why it is important to ask if you may change them. Default wait_timeout is 28800, if it doesn't get modified by the host.

    Ask if you may edit your own php.ini file (to modify the variables listed above).

    Ask if installed:
    mod_security (1 or 2)

    Ask if PHP must run in Safe Mode or is it/can it be disabled
    Ask if they place open_basedir restrictions on PHP Scripts

    Check to make sure PHP is compiled with the following:
    cURL with SSL Support, OpenSSL (for facebook integration)
    GD (for image support)
    mbstring and/or iconv (for multi-language compatibility_
    zlib (for compression)
    mysql/mysqli (which one - both?)
    standard (most php scripts probably won't work with this disabled)
    json (for mobile)
    hash (for md5 support)
    SOAP (for integration with VerticalResponse)

    Regarding MySQL:
    can the mysql user grant ALL permissions to databases you create?
    how many databases you may create?
    is there a size limitation on the databases you create?
    What are the limitations on a mysql user, max_questions and max_connections
    Regarding Email on the server:
    What kind of email limitations are in place?
    Do you offer expanded email services through SMTP?
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    God like curiosity *AND* ~ just who the hell be you to want, expect *AND*~ not mention Demand anything.... less.


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