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Thread: New Political Party?

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    Default New Political Party?

    Hello everyone
    My name is David and i am trying to set a new group called PeoplesParty UK.
    What with everything that has been going on in Britain over the past decade it has made me want to get involved in politics. I am looking for someone to help me set this group up, i need friendly, co-operative people ideally under 30 interested in politics and debate to help me. I believe it is time for us to have change. I have great policies that will benefit everyone, i believe in TRUE equality. I am very serious about this so please get in touch.

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    It's a shame no one's replied to you. The site needs a moderator.

    There were two new parties launched last year. One was Britain First. What are your policies? The word 'people' is often used by collectivists as opposed, to say, 'individual'. Are you in favour of social justice, tradition, local democracy.. or what?


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