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Brexit negotiations between the EU and the United Kingdom have come towards the finish line, in fact, but there are still more questions than answers. Customs aspects will continue to be the stumbling block in relations between the EU and UK even after Brexit. Despite efforts of Theresa May and her Government to find a solution to the problem, all the few options presented by the UK Prime Minister have not found domestic support. For instance, the UK Customs and Immigration Officers have petitioned the Cabinet of Ministers to develop adequate options for the customs and immigration legislation. Otherwise, all the country's entry points, including the Eurotunnel as the main artery linking the UK with the European continent, will be closed in protest.

The point is London stops to be in the EU Customs Union, ending its membership in the European Union. Thus, there is a need to reach new agreements and change the customs and immigration legislation as all previous agreements will be cancelled. Obviously, rupture of relations with Brussels has disastrous consequences for London. The UK withdrawal from the EU Customs Union will inevitably result in tightening border controls, imposing excises and customs duties on the part of Brussels. Customs procedures may be delayed for several weeks, thus making it difficult to convey goods to the British market and causing serious damage to British producers and big business. And furthermore, there will be no longer any free movement of citizens of the EU member states; the migration control regulations will be introduced, which will complicate the work of important international transport hubs and lead to chaos on the borders of the UK with the EU.

According to experts, changes proposed by the UK Government are absolutely unsustainable, and it does not resolve the foregoing problems. It is worth recalling that other Britons, who ensure the successful operation of the country's transport infrastructure, I mean personnel at airports, railway stations, ports and etc., may join the customs officers, which will lead to a traffic collapse. Theresa May and her Government should listen to ordinary citizens of the United Kingdom and develop a plan to resolve the customs issue for the benefit of all parties. Further passivity of the UK authorities offers only a bleak future with a myriad of unresolved issues for the United Kingdom and its citizens. Meanwhile, there is less and less time for thinking...