We are causing climate change, but unfortunately I think we are looking at it from the wrong angle.
To tackle it properly we have to start making some very hard decisions about limiting the population boom.

Not just in the uk, but globally. We are destroying the rain forests and all of our green belts are disappearing to make way for more housing and factories. Which means because of less photosynthesis we have less oxygen, which means all the pollution we keep putting out is even more concentrated in the thinner air.

Things are only going to get worse the more the population keeps expanding exponentially. I know this is a very contentious subject, but, as a race humans are too successful and are putting the world out of balance.

Sea levels are rising as we keep on with land reclamation projects around the world, and keep launching huge cruise ships, tankers and war ships, certainly nothing to do with melting polar ice caps, which have expanded and shrunk many times. If you put ice in a glass and then fill it with water, it won’t overflow when the ice melts.

The bigger the population the more demand there is on the planet, we have become the vermin on the planet, destroying the very place we all live. We have to start to think about slowing down the population boom.