I have not been on this site long enough to comment in the announcements section so I will comment via this section....

I have observed many forums and one thing many have in common, that is the forums which fade into being just routine and without bite. First, their front page is filled with warnings: "If you troll you will be banned" - "If you spam you will be banned" = "If you are rude and offensive you will be banned" - almost saying.... "If you have a mind of your own and do not follow like a Sheep.... you will be banned. I do not see this as a way to run a forum. Most forums that operate on policing content fade into being small cliques discussing crap and slapping each other on the back while those of us who wish for strong debate, in an adult, mature manner leave said sites for fear of being trampled upon by the word police.
It seems to me, by definition, people who seek and actually join discussion forums actually want hard discussions, not censorship because they have directness in their tone. I have recently had a strong argument over the use of the word "REMOANER" this word was deleted from my comments because one or two members were offended by it. Rather than tell those two to wake up and smell the coffee, the Admin censored my word "REMOANER" and warned me not to be nasty and offensive.
I can tell you there are millions of people sick to the teeth at being policed for the words they use. They want a hard-hitting forum but there is not one out there. This is a sad indictment on the UK.

I dont know what a TROLL is and I dont care. I know what spam is but so what, I dont care. They have one thing in common... they shut down free speech when used as a threat.
Never in my life before 2012 had I ever heard of the phrases.. "Stop trolling, your a TRoll" - "Stop RANTING this is a "RANT"!!! A pathetic submission to speech control and usually morons who use this as their being offended.
WE are living in a time when weak, snowflake types constantly speak of being "OFFENDED" or "HARMED" by words. These morons are ruining free speech and they currently dominate forums. The day has come to shut them up instead of censoring and banning the honest, discerning speakers.
In short: We need a discussion forum which is exactly that - A DISCUSSION FORUM, operating within the law on speech and not on FEELINGS, being offended.
I was warned by a clique of members, on another site, to I quote: "Cut it out with the shouting" - "Stop being rude with shouting" what for? ... For using capital letters in reply to a nasty person who was actually very rude. THis is the level of forums in UK.
I get it if you don't like it don't join. OK. But the patients are running the asylum. Its time for a forum whereby people can freely speak. I dont mean anything can happen. I simply mean - let the snowflake offended people bog off and stop over policing for others.